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Power Supply Design

I have been asked by several individuals for a section on Power Supply Design. I have divided the design up into the following sections:

1. Basic power supply 

2. Adding a contactor and emergency power off (EPO) switch

3. Wiring power to the Gecko drives

4. Wiring step and direction to the Gecko drives (break-out board)

Each section will have a separate PDF file. The first file is ready to be downloaded here.

The other sections will be added as time permits.



For those of you that are new to wiring and building anything that requires electrical power, a word of caution is important. Your 110 volt AC input line carries lethal current. Treat it with respect. Always make sure that the AC cord is unplugged when you are doing any wiring.

For any first time builders, see if you can find a friend that has some experience with wiring to help you with your first project.




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